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It is finally here the AUSSIE CAMPFIRE KITCHENS Custom Cleaver!! After many months of working closely with AUSTRALIAN Blacksmith & Knife Maker we have designed the best all rounder Cleaver for what we do here at AUSSIE CAMPFIRE KITCHENS & we really think you will love it too! 


We have been working with an Australian Blacksmith & Knife Maker to bring you the AUSSIE CAMPFIRE KITCHENS CLEAVER.
The Cleaver is made from 15n20 carbon steel paired with a 240 grit hand sanded finish on the blade. 
The Cleaver has a fiddleback redgum handle with aluminum pins.
Topped off with our ACK fire logo etched into the blade. 
Cleaver dimensions
Blade Length 145mm 
Blade Depth 75 mm
CLEAVER weight 290 grams
Our Cleaver has been designed as a general purpose knife. We use this knife for everything from finely chopping herbs to breaking down meat. The cutting edge has a slight curve to enable rocking for fine chopping.

The lead time on the ACK CUSTOM UTILITY CLEAVER is approx. 5 weeks


This item is made from a high carbon steel which is durable however requires a bit more care. 

Here is how you can prolong the life of your knives. After use, wipe down with a damp cloth and make sure they are completely dry before storing.  If storing for prolonged periods, it is recommended that a light coat of food grade oil be placed on the blades to prevent surface rust. 

 DO NOT put it in the dishwasher! 

 Being a high carbon steel, they will patina over time particularly when used with acidic foods.  This will appear to discolor the steel and add character.  This will not affect the steel and is still safe to use. 

 Handles should be oiled regularly (monthly or as required) with food grade oil or liquid bee’s wax.