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Canvas Bag for Swinging BBQ's


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These canvas bags are suitable for both
BBQ Swinging Hot Plate & Grill Kits and Folding BBQ Gear
Canvas Care:
•DO ensure it is ‘bone-dry’ before storing (as Mould will quickly grow if damp)
•DO remove bird-dropping and dirt before storing.
•DO use rodent baits in area where canvas is stored
•DON’T store canvas damp
•DON’T store canvas on concrete
•DON’T use detergents (detergents will wash out the water proofing)
•DON’T use bleaches
•DON’T use water under pressure (will force the water proofing compounds out)
•DON’T use warm or hot water (will wash out the water proofing)
•DON’T use medium or hard brushes (will be abrasive on canvas).