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Argentinian Disco


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Argentinian Disco

6mm base & 3mm sides

Disco is 80mm deep 
WEIGHS 10kilos
LEGS are 190mm long
500mm wide with handles
DISCO Cooking dish 425mm wide

3 removable legs

Argentinian version of a “cowboy wok”!

Legend has it, some gauchos wanted to cook a meal but lacked a pot. Ingenious fellows that they were, they used a discarded disco — a metal disc used in a horse-drawn harrow to break up clods of soil for farming — as a makeshift pan.

The ploughman’s meal, as it were. Which is why an al disco meal is also called a plough.

Today, a typical plough is a substantial Argentine one-pot stew cooked in an uncovered deep pan (the disco in question) over an open fire. The classic al disco dish is the pollo al disco made simply with chunks of chicken and seasonal vegetables.