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Backyard Fire Pit


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ACK Backyard Fire Pit
Stands at 600 mm x 600 mm x 400 mm & the FIRE PIT itself is 200 mm deep. Comes with a drop-in fire grate for maximum airflow.
The base is fabricated from 3 mm mild steel.
 The Fire Grate from 6 mm mild steel.
The 4 legs are supplied with fasteners for easy set up.
 Total weight 25 kilos
Comes with a post sleeve in the Fire Pit corner for use with the AUSSIE CAMPFIRE KITCHENS Swinging Gear.
When using the ACK Gear in conjunction with the BACKYARD PIT it must be anchored to counterweight the SWINGING cooking gear.
This can be done by dyno bolting the BACKYARD PIT
 to a concrete pad or by purchasing our BACKYARD FIRE PIT STABILIZER $25 CLICK HERE
If you would like to see the ACK COOKING Gear for the BACKYARD PIT
Check out the BACKYARD FIRE PIT cooking accessories HERE!
No accessories pictured are included they are just for display purposes. 
We suggest using 
WHITE KNIGHTS POT BELLY BLACK to coat your fire pit if you would like it painted. It is readily available at hardware stores. Heat resistant to 300°C, has Excellent coverage, Low sheen, Durable & Safe to spray - CFC and lead free

White Knight Pot Belly Black is a heat resistant, self priming paint designed for use on metal surfaces which are subject to radiant heat.
Ideal for use on pot belly stoves, heaters, ovens, BBQ surrounds and flues. We suggest using this product to maintain your Fire Pits.

We have a 2 to 3 week lead time on ACK FIRE PITS.