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QUAD Pan Set. Skillet, Baby Pan, BBQ Pan & The Big BBQ Pan


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BIG BBQ Pan, BBQ Pan, Baby Pan & Skillet

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Is 600 mm in diameter, 6 mm base, 3 mm sides with 4 handles.

This bit of ACK Cooking Gear is one versatile bit of kit. Cooking for a crowd you’ll have breakfast, lunch & dinner Covered! Breakfast kilos of bacon and dozens of eggs, Lunch Shallow Fry some Fish & Chips & Dinner make a HUGE Spanish Paella. Options are endless! The ACK BIG BBQ PAN is of Heavy-duty construction coming in at 15k.


Has 338 mm diameter, 6 mm base, 3 mm sides with 2 handles. This bit of ACK Cooking Gear is one versatile bit of kit. Each BBQ PAN comes out of the workshop individually numbered. Cooking breakfast Bacon, Eggs, Snags etc. Lunch Shallow Fry some Fish & Chips. Dinner make a Spanish Paella the Options are endless. The ACK BBQ PAN works with all the AUSSIE CAMPFIRE KITCHENS GEAR sitting on the Swinging or Folding Grills or we have a specially designed BBQ PAN CRADLE & works with any of our ACK FIRE PITS. Heavy duty construction weighs 6.5 kilos. BBQ PAN Canvas Carry Bag LINK HERE. 


The BABY BBQ PAN is built to last! Fabricated from Australian Mild Steel it is 270 mm in diameter, has a 6 mm base, 3 mm sides & 2 handles. This ACK bit of Cooking Gear is one versatile bit of kit. Whether you need something for in the kitchen at home, Camp Cooking, Backyard Cook Ups, in your Wood fired Oven or Gas or Electric BBQ’s the ACK BABY BBQ PAN is up to the task. This ACK BABY weighs in at 4 kilos. Have your BABY BBQ PAN


Long Handle & Heavy Base just what you need for cooking over the open fire! 6 mm base & 200mm in diameter, 3mm sides & 25mm deep, 240mm at the top & the handle is 300mm long overall length 540mm.

We have up to a 3-4 week lead time on our ACK PANS any questions give us a call 0429697241.