The Aussie Family are heading to LAURA Races, Rodeo & Campdraft 27th June to the 30th we might see you! Australian Handcrafted & Owned a True Blue Aussie Family Business.

ABOUT Aussie Campfire Kitchens

We are an Australian family owned & operated AUSTRALIAN MADE business that has evolved from a love of the outdoors & cooking over an open fire.

In our 15 years of living on Queensland's Cape York & travelling through Northern Australia we have tried and tested various styles and have settled with the Swing on BBQ hot plate & grill set as our pride piece. Due to its ease of set up, ability to easily control cooking temperatures by swinging the plate or grill on or off the fire and its versatility.

We spent a considerable amount of time developing and building the tooling to enable us to manufacture consistent quality products. Our goal is to offer a quality product that is built to last at a competitive price.

We have over 35 years of experience in the manufacturing industry with Tony being dual traded as both a boilermaker, and fitter & turner. This coupled with years of experimenting with different material types and sizes, we believe our products will stand us apart from the others currently on the market.