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Crochead Mozzie Coil Holders


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101% Aussie Made Coil Holder

Beware: your friends and family will steal them!!

  • Holds broken mozzie coil easily so you don't waste anything!
  • Zinc coated so it will not rust easily!
  • Stands, lays or hangs off the ground with ease.
  • Only burn part of a mosquito-coil, by placing Crochead anywhere on the full coil.
  • 7cm x 6.2cm x 3.5cm so it fits a standard mosquito coil.
  • Ideal Gift so yours do not get stolen.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money back* promise.
  • Support Aussie Made, 100% Aussie owned and operated so you are keeping jobs here in Oz!
When you support small business – you support your country! 
Pilbara iron ore alongside coal from Moranbah, raw minerals have been mined right here across our great country, pulled from the ground with blood, sweat and tears in the hot sweltering sun. Add some Limestone from Coralime to the blast furnaces producing the molten pig iron, these natural elements along with Zinc from Broken Hill are finally manufactured into Waratah range from Newcastle New South Wales right down to Geelong Victoria before finally being formed and hand made into our nifty invention. Impressively the Waratah Long Life Blue material has been specially designed for the tough Australian conditions. Across our great southern land, this Aussie made invention is supporting over 45,000 local Aussie jobs.

Burning mosquito-coils is one of the most cost effective and popular ways of deterring mozzie bites. It's the way we burn mosquito coils that needs changing. Crochead brings an impossibly simple change that will become an instant classic. Crochead is the ONLY Mosquito Coil Holder Solution!
Burning mosquito-coils is the most cost effective and popular ways of deterring mozzie bites. It’s the way we burn mozzie coils that needs changing, this is an impossibly simple change that will become an instant classic. It is the unparalleled Crochead Mosquito Coil Holder. 
Use one and you’ll see what everyone is talking about!! Do you break the mosquito coil while trying to separate the two? No problem, we’ve fixed that. The MIGHTY CROCHEAD – Proudly handmade in Oz, just for AUSSIE’S – Who don’t like MOZZIE’S!! 

Each Crochead Coil Holder is handmade from high-grade stainless steel and our technique in making the mozzie coil holders, provides excellent quality control. We do offer a Money Back Guarantee* when purchasing this impossibly simple product from our website. 

Mosquitos are in fact the #1 most dangerous animal on the planet. Malaria virus kills 700,000 people every year. 40% to 60% of the world’s population is at risk of being infected with Dengue Fever, one of the deadly viruses carried by mosquitoes. Complete protection always involves a number of precautions.
These products are innovative ideas which are manufactured locally within Australia by local people. When you support a small business, you support your local community. Crochead Pty Ltd is proud to be NOT MADE IN CHINA. As a Small Family Business who continue to operate locally